Ideas Are Worth More Than Paper

I have heard consumers complain that some e-books cost the same as a physically printed book. They don’t mind paying $20 for a hard cover book, but refuse to pay more than $5 for an e-book. What they are indirectly telling us is that they believe a stack of paper is more valuable than anything which might be written on it. In other words, they do vigorously and plaintively trumpet their own ignorance.

If they want a $20 hard cover book to cost $5 in electronic form, then they are openly declaring that 75% of a book’s value is the paper it is printed on. If that is true, I strongly suggest they try reading better books.  The value of a book is its content; the ideas, imagery, adventures, and concepts which the mere words spark within our minds.

Imagine going to a gourmet restaurant and asking for the food to be brought on a paper plate, and then loudly demanding a 75% discount because the cost of the dishes should be subtracted.

As the author of an electronic book, I hope you will consider that although I am not selling you a pile of nicely cut tree-pulp, I am offering an inimitable and vast excursion into the holodeck within your mind, painstakingly pre-programmed by yours truly,

Magnus Von Black


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