Ladies and Gentlemen, My Cat

My cat has spent the day begging to come in my room. She has meowed, whimpered, scratched the door, hit the door, clawed the carpet beneath the door, and generally been a nuisance. This created a standoff in which my annoyed brain refused to listen to my otherwise compassionate heart and open the door. Finally I decided I must be nice to the little creature who depends on me for 90% of her social interaction so I opened the door. There she was, waiting patiently. I said, “Aww, come here kitty,” in my sweet cat-guy voice.

She promptly got up, shook her ass in my direction, and walked away in such a manner that I could almost hear her saying, “Screw you, I don’t want to go in your stupid room.”

[sigh] Cats.

EDIT: There has been an update to this important saga. After a requisite waiting period, Madame Snooty Face has deigned to enter my chambers and take her rest beneath my desk. I believe this is due in no small part to the fireworks show going on across the road, which has seized her little feline heart with just enough fear to show affection for the man she might otherwise prefer to snub.


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