Night Terrors: Wikimisleadia

It is starting to frighten me when I consider how much of my presumed knowledge has been acquired from Wikipedia, when statistics show that half the “editors” are less than 22 years old. I’m not really that old, but I’m old enough to know that a compendium of human knowledge built by 22 year-olds is not something upon which I would like to stake the health of my personal fact repository.

So what is the alternative? If Wikipedia simply did not exist, how should I learn stuff? Why can’t we build a race of robots that are perfectly impartial and who cultivate their own Mechapedia which is pure fact, pure logic, and pure truth? I’ll tell you why; because the asshole they will hire to design the robots will be a closeted neo-nazi misogynistic religious fundamentalist who believes Mexico is not a real country, or something. And that’s why total impartiality is so difficult. You can’t even design a noble race of master robot info-overlords anymore without people screwing it up. God damn it! I don’t even know what is real anymore!?

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