My Too Sense: John Grisham Fights A Non-Existent Social Injustice

Every once and a while, I will bring you my uninvited opinion on some hot button cultural issue, in a segment I like to call

“My Too Sense”

An XKCD comic: Someone is WRONG on the internet.

Duty Calls!

Here is today’s brilliant, un-researched screed:

I’m becoming more and more convinced that being rich and successful puts you at a huge risk of deteriorating as a person and a thinker. I think these people just get so over-confident, so surrounded by yes-men, and so convinced of their own importance, that their personalities gradually deteriorate. They lose perspective, discipline, and even gradually lose their ethics.

Case in point, John Grisham ended his career today, essentially, by talking off the cuff in an interview about how men arrested for viewing child pornography shouldn’t get such harsh sentences. He then tried to elicit sympathy for 60 year old white men who are arrested in child pornography stings, even going so far as to plead for sympathy for his college buddy who was arrested in one such operation.

Regardless of your opinion on the legal issues of sentencing and victimhood, as a public figure, you need to take the temperature of the room. Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to come out swinging on behalf of child porn addicts? With all the real injustice in the world, you’re going to make that your cause? What causes a person to believe this is a good public relations decision? I’ll tell you what: too much time spent marinating in bath tubs filled with thousand dollar bills until your shriveled, pampered brain coughs up a world view that is warped by an over-inflated estimation of your own brilliance.

Magnus Von Black is a self-righteous blowhard who authored a massive book which he actually expects people to read. He dreams of one day marinating in his own bath tub filled with thousand dollar bills until he too says something grotesque and out of touch with reality, like “receiving a Grammy Award is a huge honor”.

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