WAR, hUH, Yeah, What is it GOOD For, Absolutely Nothin’

Today’s blog entry is a copy/paste job from a reddit post that I made in r/fantasy.

For those who might not be aware, the title of this post is a reference to an old song that I like.

So, war. War in fantasy novels, specifically. Now that I’ve dropped two ridiculously incomplete sentences upon you, consider this: Doesn’t it seem like 80% of fantasy novels are about cultural and military politics? So much war, so many empires, assassins, kings, alliances, and court intrigue. Doesn’t it get tiring to you all? (Hey, maybe it doesn’t. In which case, more power to you.)

If you can’t tell, I am no fan of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. I don’t care about arrogant, manipulative royalty. I’m not that interested in politics, race, war, lineages, or nations. But I do still like fantasy. I like the beautiful environments, the interesting characters (and the beautiful characters!), love stories, mysteries, secret codes, ancient archeological secrets… cool swords, mind blowing magic, alternate realities… fantasy is cool! But so much of it is just… war. Endless, grinding, miserable, war waged by faceless throngs of underlings loyal to one banner or another.

So how do you feel about this? And what books can you recommend that you think avoid this categorization?

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