Let’s All Sip Tea And Do Maths

I HATE the word “maths”. It is grammatically insane and hard to pronounce. There is no such thing as “a math”, so what the fuck are “maths”? Mathematics is not plural for Mathematic. “Mathematics” is just a word, like “Karate”. Think how badly you’d want to kick some paunch-muffin who bragged about knowing how to do Karates, or worse, Karats. I hate the word “maths” and I will never, ever use it, ever. I don’t care if foreigners use it. I hate to be the bearer of absolutely 100% true news, but not every single thing foreigners do is sexy and progressive.

I also don’t like those new haircuts where people shave their head except for the top and then do a Heinrich Himmler comb-over. Then they wear thick glasses, plaid, and profess their love for John Mayer. And don’t get me started about skinny jeans.

And the music those young people listen to… Jesus I can’t believe my ears whenever someone says Kanye West is talented. That’s like saying poop is talented at stinking.

Please get off my lawn. Please.

I’m tired. I’ve been experimenting with drinking little to no coffee.

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