The Cost of War

This was literally a shower-thought.

I think that if you are willing to fight a war, you should be willing to sacrifice everything for the cause, or else you should not do it. As such, there should be a law that forces any politician who votes in favor of a war to lose all of their financial assets, instantly. They can live in government provided housing, use the VA healthcare system, and receive a federal minimum wage stipend for the rest of their lives.

I think those rich, highly insulated politicians might move more slowly to put “boots on the ground” or lob missiles at hospitals if it meant the instant vaporization of their personal assets. But it’s hardly very much to ask, given that mothers are going to lose their sons, and sons are going to lose their fathers. If Hillary Clinton won’t give up her Hamptons vacation mansion for a cause in which she will ask a young woman to die, then she shouldn’t vote for it. If Dick Cheney had to live on minimum wage in order to sate his appetite for war, perhaps he might cackle just a little less evilly before sending in the plebeian soldier boys.

Plus, think how quickly they would fix up the VA hospital system and raise minimum wage.

In conclusion, this.

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