But he’s a socialist!

Democratic socialism is an inevitability due to the collision of technology and economics. There will soon be almost no need for skilled or unskilled manual labor. To make a half-decent living, you will need to be born to wealthy parents, or be in the 90th percentile of intellectual ability with a special talent and interest for engineering and technology. I have observed that there are only two kinds of people that fear democratic socialism: the rich, and those who will suffer the most without it.

We have the ability to work together to create a society that uplifts people, provides them a foundation of health and education that will enable them to make society more interesting and beautiful by using their natural gifts, even if those gifts would not normally create economic value in a purely Darwinian system of capitalistic success and failure. We could build amazing things like moon bases, cures for cancer, teleportation pads, and orbital sex casinos, but instead we have medical bankruptcy, collapsing bridges, clogged roads, and relentless clouds of pollution. Democratic socialism has absolutely nothing to do with Lenin or Stalin or Marx. It has more to do with Star Trek, rock music, art, and scientific discovery. It’s just the realization that we have the power to cooperate and make the world nice, even if it means super-massive corporations must pay the same tax rate as a janitor.

As an entertainment figure with literally millions of fans in the future, I hereby officially endorse Bernie Sanders. I think his policies are idealistic, unrealistic, and overly romantic. Maybe that’s what we need.

I’m Magnus Von Black, and I approve this message.


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