Theory: George R.R. Martin Will Never Finish Game of Thrones, On Purpose

I believe one of the underpinning themes of Game of Thrones is that the proverbial “Game of Thrones” which afflicts both their world, and our own, is so adequately fueled by human malice, lust, and the thirst for power that it will not, in our lifetimes, end. It will only evolve; and when we pass away, the struggle (and the tale) will be taken up by others.

The final sentence of “Game of Thrones” will remain unwritten by George R.R. Martin, but we can see the words and letters rising like a mist from the well-worn pages: “The Game of Thrones has no end.”

I believe he intends never to “finish the series”, as a particularly deft way of finishing the series.


Magnus Von Black is a gigantic attention whore with awesome taste.


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