A Guitar Solo Is Worth A Thousand Lyrics

My most recent video was originally going to be a song with lyrics about blaming your farts on other people. However, I was having a lot of vocal trouble when recording it, and it just didn’t sound right. Not only was my voice malfunctioning, but I do not have a convenient way to record vocals without irritating my apartment neighbors. Also, I lack talent, and most importantly, interest. My desire to record myself singing is currently on par with my desire to file my taxes.

Then I heard John Mayer had to cancel a bunch of shows due to vocal troubles of his own. And that’s when I decided, officially, that the voice is a stupid instrument. I’ve never really cared about lyrics anyway. I mean, Van Halen is my favorite band and I’ve listened to their songs a million times, and I don’t even know all the lyrics to a single one of their songs. It is as though I do not hear lyrics when I listen to music.

So I decided to hell with doing anything in my free time that fundamentally annoys me. I’m just going to record long-ass guitar solos and let the world pelt me with indifference. My pro-wrestling costume boots make me immune to such things, so I care not.

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