America, the Gradual

America is unimaginably more liberal today than it was in 1950. The America of 1950 was crazily, wildly liberal compared to the America of 1880. And 1880’s America was an orgy of liberalism compared to the America of 1776. The thing to remember is that liberals are winning and liberalism continues to win. It’s hard to see it because the progress has always been eleven steps forward, ten steps back. But when you integrate all the blood, sweat, tears, painted signs, conversations, arguments, activism, and votes over the interval of two hundred forty years, you see that the area under the curve represents a long slow crack of thunder that you can’t hear unless you stand far enough away in space and time.

All you need to do is take the next eleven steps, and don’t let your life get sidetracked by anger and grief when you slip ten steps back, because a million small steps for an idea creates one giant leap for mankind.

Brought to you by a true intellectual.

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